Three pine trees

Michal Fuchs Three Pine Trees, 2022 Pine tree Needles / each between approx. 40-50cm diameter (sponsored from the Kunststiftung Sachsen Anhalt) The three circles are woven from the needles of three different pine trees collected in Israel:The pine tree (Pinus pinea), which has been planted in large quantities throughout Israel since the 1940s, was imported from […]

The Pine Tree Desert (מדבר האורנים)

Michal Fuchs The Pine Tree Desert, 2022 Pine tree nadeln, Metal, Laser cut / 2m x 4m  With a Sound work from Hannes Lingens (Sponsored from Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt) Photo: Thomas Gallmann The needles for this work come from an unusually large Aleppo pine tree that stands on the green border (the 1949 demarcation line) between […]


Michal Fuchs Assimilation (התבוללות), 2022 A series of 5 Collages, various sizes. Made in Halle (Saale) between 2021-22


Michal Fuchs art

Michal Fuchs Cultivating / Work in Progress, Model Eisen, Plexiglas, Erde, Weizen / 30cm x 30cm Photo: Marcel Noack Cultivating / Work in Progress, Model (made as part of the Symposium: Zeit, Raum, Land in Offspace Kaisitz, July-August 2021) Iron, Plexiglas, Earth, Wheat / 30 x 30cm (Exhibition view from Offspace Kaisitz) Cultivation (in three […]

The Patriot


Michal Fuchs The Patriot, 2021 Concrete, Plastic / height approx. 40cm Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, 2021 „A desert plant, a cactus species named Indian or Mexican prickly pear takes a central place in Michal Fuchs’ plastic works. This species has become native to Israel only in the 1920s. It is characterized by fast spread, adaptability, quick and […]


Jewish art in Germany

Michal Fuchs Ishmael, 2015-2016 Artist’s book 300 X 310 mm Graphic: Etching. Print:Cliché stamping, digital print. Coptic binding. Paper: Japanese paper / Altworms: 230g, 300g/ Alster, 150g. The story of Ishmael is the origin of the separation between Judaism and Islam. While Isaac represents one of the most important roots of Judaism, Ishmael, his brother, […]


Michal Fuchs Disillusionment, 2021 Concrete castingapprox. 50 cm high, approx. 2 meter long Ausstellungsansicht: A&O Galerie, Leipzig. Fotos: Mirsini Artakianou In her sculptural works, the artist continues to question our self-attribution of cultural identity and those identities placed on us by others. In the floor sculpture ‘Disillusionment’ (2021), the artist deconstructs cultural identity metaphors inspired […]


Michal Fuchs Be’Makbil / In parallel , 2017 InstallationHandmade paper with watermark, Nylon wires, copperAll together: 1000mm X 1700mm This new calendar is based on the month of Mai 1948: The founding of the Israeli State: the Nakkba and the independent day. In this new calendar, the Hebrew (jewish) calendar is combined together with the […]

The wanderer

Michal Fuchs Der Wanderer, 2019-20 Installation in the Nikolai church in Eisenach, Germany wood, glass, Water, Plants, 4 Podest, Each one: 2 meter x 60cm x 30cm Exhibition view: A&O Gallerie, Leipzig, 2022 Photo: Brigita Kasperaitė The Israeli artist Michal Fuchs engages with important topics such as »belonging«, »origins« and »exile« and integrates these questions into […]

Going down from the land (VS.2)

Michal Fuchs Going down from the land (Vs.2) 2020 Concrete, Iron casting, Rost concrete tiles: each 30x30x2,5cm / Iron plants: each 50-100cm high Foto: Brigita Kasperaitė One historical source of Fuchs’ works is the legend of the Eternal Jew. It dates back to Christianity’s anti-Judaism, which emerged in the 17th century and gave the name to […]