Mesusa, 2018

Wall Installation 
Steel, Laser cut 
400cm x 230cm x x1,2mm

Photo: EKA e.V.

In her work “Mezuzah (Mezuzah)” Fuchs interprets a Jewish tradition. Mezuzah refers to a writing capsule that is attached to doorposts. Inside the capsule is a klaf, an inscribed parchment with a text of 713 letters, each letter having its meaning. The Klaf, which is mostly written in very small letters, is enlarged and modified by Michal Fuchs into a wall work. Only the upper halves of the decorated letters are shown as laser cuts and displayed on strips. The otherwise hidden characters become visible, but are no longer legible. 

/ Text from the exhibition: “Offen, Verschlossen, Offen. Israelische Künstler:innen in Deutschland” in the Europäische Kunstakademie e.V. / Trier, 2021, Curated by Simon Santschi

Foto: EKA e.V.
Photo: EKA e.V.
Photo: Etienne Dietzel
Photo: EKA e.V.